An Introduction to Sitecore

Sitecore CMS (Content Management System) is another .NET based Content Management System like SharePoint or DotNetNuke (open source), developed by a Denmark-based company called Sitecore which is commercially available for you to host your Enterprise/Non-profit/Government organization websites.

Here are some of the key USPs that you may want to know about Sitecore:

  1. Framework: Sitecore has a Powerful and Scalable Framework that caters to the day-to-day online website needs from various audiences like Content Authors, Marketers, Auditors, Designers, SEO/SEM Experts, and Developers.
  2. Integration: Sitecore makes 3rd party integrations a cake-walk with its wide support for Modules (a terminology used in the Sitecore world for product add-ons), from its store called Sitecore MarketPlace.
  3. Magic Quadrant: Sitecore earns highest spot in Ability to Execute axis as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for WCM
  4. UI: Sitecore has a powerful and intuitive User Interface with utmost priority given to usability and user experience
  5. Marketing: Sitecore’s Online Marketing Suite provides you with detailed user insight, including GeoIP and website experience information that helps drive conversions
  6. Multi-lingual Support: Sitecore allows editors to work in their native languages, providing multilingual capabilities based on diverse user audiences. Coordinate versions of your site in other languages and easily translate content
  7. Multi-Site Deployment: Award-winning Sitecore architecture enables you to manage and deploy an unlimited number of sites that can share content, code and processes, allowing you to efficiently manage web properties
  8. Security: Sitecore offers incredible security down to component and element levels, providing sophisticated permission management, external authentication support and authorization systems
  9. Rapid Development: With modules like SXA, Sitecore makes developers’ lives easier by reducing errors and increasing programming speed
  10. SEO: Sitecore natively delivers URLs that improve organic search results. Combining a simple alias or vanity URL leads visitors directly to the information they require


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