Month: May 2010


SSRS Export to PDF breaking the columns in larger reports

This is a wierd problem, one could face in SSRS. The export to PDF or Word, appears to break the columns in larger reports with 10 or more columns. The main reason being the report size specifications. You can check your report properties to find the report size specifications. Check the screenshot below: Check the ...


jQuery noConflict Tips

Some tips which i feel you need to know before using jQuery library: 1. You can use jQuery instead of $. 2. Predefined alias for jQuery: you can assign jQuery to any variable. With this you can load any versions of jQuery into your site. <!-- load jQuery 1.1.3 --> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> <script type="text/javascript" ...


Basic WCF Tutorial for Beginners

I will be explaining a simple WCF service execution, using a sample project (collated from the MSDN Documentation). Lets create a Visual Studio Solution with two console application projects. They are: 1. Service Part - Console Application 2. Client Part - Console Application Let me take you through the Service Part: 1. Create a sample ...


Javascript Trim, Left Trim & Right Trim Functions

Javascript string property does not have the normal trim functions like we have in any other language. And these trim functions appears play a crucial role in any code based on strings. There are two approaches i give here. One is directly creating a prototype method and other as a standalone function. You can choose ...


Maintain scroll position on postback for gridview or div

Problem Statement: There can be scenarios wherein your end users would appreciate to see the screen intact even after postback. In ASP .Net we use the MaintainScrollOnPostback property for the page to handle the page's scroll position. But this will not handle the case when you have gridviews wrapped in divs and having a scroll ...


Horizontal Scrollbar for ASP Listbox or HTML selectbox

Problem Statement: A normal listbox or ASP Listbox for that matter has an issue with the scroll. They have vertical scroll by default with them. However when it comes to horizontal scroll, they choke. Even if we specify a width for the listbox and give a lengthy option in the listbox content, you cant expect ...