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Error: Java 1.7 or later is required to run solr

ERROR: Java 1.7 or later is required to run solr Please set the JAVA_HOME environment variable to the path where you installed Java 1.7+

Convert a Sitecore WFFM Form to Wizard Form (Js based Approach)

While working with Sitecore, I am sure you must have found WFFM (Web Forms For Marketers) been very useful be it a developer/marketer. However, there had been one thing that i always missed in the form - a Wizard interface especially when it comes to lengthy forms. Before i jump into the solution, here are ...

Adding custom CSS Class to Sitecore Rich Text Editor

The "Apply CSS Stylesheet" dropdown in the Sitecore RTE is quite a friendly option to Content Authors when it comes to applying complex styles/themes, without editing the HTML.  ==> To add a new value to this dropdown is relatively easy: 1. Verify the Configurations/Settings Verify if the "WebStylesheet" settings is configured properly in your web.config ...

Sitecore & Postman: A Quick Starter Guide

Working RESTful API for Sitecore ItemServices gets easier with Postman. Prerequisites Download the latest version of Postman from here. I highly recommend Signing up to keep your Collections in sync. Enable SSL on the CMS environment. You can create a self signed certificate on the CMS environment and add an HTTPS binding Update Policy Setting ...

Sitecore Powershell to update item fields

The Powershell module is one of the flexible ways to work with the Sitecore items with ease. If you have not installed the module yet, i highly recommend installing the Sitecore Powershell Extensions module from the Sitecore Marketplace Here is a code snippet to update the Sitecore item fields: https://gist.github.com/aackose/03f68e769aca7baeb98ec1a1d4a3b32e The above script will be recursive ...

Omnichannel Experience with Sitecore

An Omnichannel experience is no longer just a web marketers dream - it's an unavoidable and inevitable feature that their customers are expecting from them. Let me briefly explain what an omnichannel experience is by taking an example here: Tom is a regular online customer at Target retail chain and occasionally visits the nearest Target stores along ...

SIM Error: You don’t have any standalone product package in your repository

You don't have any standalone product package in your repository