Sitecore Powershell to update item fields

The Powershell module is one of the flexible ways to work with the Sitecore items with ease. If you have not installed the module yet, i highly recommend installing the Sitecore Powershell Extensions module from the Sitecore Marketplace Here is a code snippet to update the Sitecore item fields: New-UsingBlock (New-Object Sitecore.Data.BulkUpdateContext) { foreach($item in Get-ChildItem … Continue reading Sitecore Powershell to update item fields

An Introduction to Sitecore

Sitecore CMS (Content Management System) is another .NET based Content Management System like SharePoint or DotNetNuke (open source), developed by a Denmark-based company called Sitecore which is commercially available for you to host your Enterprise/Non-profit/Government organization websites. Here are some of the key USPs that you may want to know about Sitecore: Framework: Sitecore has a Powerful … Continue reading An Introduction to Sitecore