Making SSRS multiselect dropdowns searchable combobox

SSRS Multiselect dropdowns are pretty powerful. Just to add on to the power of it, i felt it would be good to add on a searchable combobox functionality. As and when the user types in a text, the dropdown filters the value and displays only the required results in the dropdown. Also to ensure that ...


SSRS: Making Excel the default export option for reportviewer

Most of us would always use the export to Excel in the report viewer (90% of the time), rather than having a 'Select a format' option in it.  I will be describing a simple method here to make the excel a default option for export in the report viewer. One quick note: You can go ...


Enabling SSRS remote error

There are two ways to do this: Using rs command Setting the DB properties Using the rs command: Step 1: Save the following in a text file and save it as 'EnableRemoteErrors.rss'. Public Sub Main()   Dim P As New [Property]()   P.Name = "EnableRemoteErrors"   P.Value = True   Dim Properties(0) As [Property]   ...