Enabling SSRS remote error

There are two ways to do this:

  • Using rs command
  • Setting the DB properties

Using the rs command:

Step 1: Save the following in a text file and save it as ‘EnableRemoteErrors.rss’.

Public Sub Main()
  Dim P As New [Property]()
  P.Name = “EnableRemoteErrors”
  P.Value = True
  Dim Properties(0) As [Property]
  Properties(0) = P
    Console.WriteLine(“Remote errors enabled.”)
  Catch SE As SoapException
  End Try
End Sub

Step 2: Now open the command prompt and point to the rss file location (Start -> Run -> Cmd)

Step 3: Now run the rss file using the rs command, as shown below:

rs -i EnableRemoteErrors.rss -s http://servername/ReportServer

[Replace the ‘ReportServer’ with your report server name]

 Setting the DB properties:

This option is simple and direct. Except for the fact that you need the Management Studio.

  1. Start Management Studio and connect to a report server instance.
  2. Right-click the report server node, and select Properties.
  3. Click Advanced to open the properties page.
  4. In EnableRemoteErrors, select True.
  5. Click OK.

Hope this was helpful

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