Month: March 2010


Encrypting and Decrypting passwords in SQL server

We have come across scenarios wherein highly sensitive information like passwords being stored in our database. It is a highly likely chance that during SQL Injection or unprecedented attacks, these table values gets exposed. I will explain here a simple means of encrypting, followed by decrypting the same password for user authentication. But let me ...


Javascript pause method: To create delays in javascripts

Creating delays in javascript can be very essential under certain specific scenarios, though i would recommend you to avoid it in most cases. The right way to create a delay would be by using setTimeOut method in javascript, as below: setTimeout("alert('hello world')",1500); // shows alertbox after 1500 milliseconds The lazy way or to be precise ...


How to enable javascript in various browsers – help file

This is a help reference for those sites, which are javascript critical. You can use this in a page to which you redirect in your javascript disabled scenario. Microsoft Internet Explorer 1. On the Tools dropdown menu, click Internet Options, and then click the Security tab. 2. Click on the earth «Internet» icon, and then ...


Best PNG Fix for IE 6

PNG fix for IE6 has always been messier than expected. There has been lot of out of the box solutions available on the net. However, the best that worked for me was the "DD Belated PNG" fix. It is a simple PNG fix specific for IE 6. I would recommend you to load it with ...


Setting write permission to App_Data for a Godaddy hosted site

The "App_Data" is the folder where most of your site user data's fall into. Hence in case of blogs or other site's that permits user to upload images/videos/files, it would be essential to give write permissions to the "App_Data" folder. Scenario: You have a godaddy account. You would like to give write permission to "App_Data" ...


SSRS: Making Excel the default export option for reportviewer

Most of us would always use the export to Excel in the report viewer (90% of the time), rather than having a 'Select a format' option in it.  I will be describing a simple method here to make the excel a default option for export in the report viewer. One quick note: You can go ...


Enabling SSRS remote error

There are two ways to do this: Using rs command Setting the DB properties Using the rs command: Step 1: Save the following in a text file and save it as 'EnableRemoteErrors.rss'. Public Sub Main()   Dim P As New [Property]()   P.Name = "EnableRemoteErrors"   P.Value = True   Dim Properties(0) As [Property]   ...