What is SharePoint?

Couple of days back, i was asked to prepare a 3 minute presentation. I felt SharePoint was a great technology that i could showcase.

While browsing through the net, i stumbled upon the following youtube video:


Based on this video, i came up with a PPTX presentation, which you can access from the link below:

What is SharePoint?
What is SharePoint?

You can also download the PPT file here.

Disclaimer: The contents of the slides were shamelessly taken from the youtube video. Feel free to modify the contents of the presentation.

How to insert newline in you excel formulae

To add a newline or a hard return in front of certain text, we try the Find & Replace option, but ends up nowhere. Instead make use of the CHAR(10), MS has provided, in your formulaes.


=CONCATENATE(“Heading1”,CHAR(10),”Content under Heading1″)


Let me take a complex example also, to get you the feel of the power of CHAR(10):

Before Text:

a. Open Firefox b. Enter the URL as http://www.google.com c. Click on enter

After Text:

a. Open Firefox

b. Enter the URL as http://www.google.com

c. Click on enter


=CONCATENATE(IFERROR(MID(C4,SEARCH(“a. “,C4),SEARCH(“b. “,C4)-SEARCH(“a. “,C4)),””),CHAR(10),IFERROR(MID(C4,SEARCH(“b. “,C4),SEARCH(“c. “,C4)-SEARCH(“b. “,C4)),””),CHAR(10),IFERROR(MID(C4,SEARCH(“c. “,C4),LEN(C4)),””))

Setting screen width for Web sites to be viewed on iPhone

Fixing the width of the page in iPhone to a certain value is not direct. Safari is assuming an 800px width. The best solution to this is just by using the meta tags.

Check the snippet below:

To set the width to the screen width based on the mode he is in, be it landscape or potrait:

<meta name=”viewport” content=”width = device-width” />

To avoid scalability for the user:

<meta name=”viewport” content=”initial-scale=1, user-scalable=false” />

To fix the width to 320px always:

<meta name=”viewport” content=”width=320″>

I would suggest you go ahead with the first two always. In this case, the screen will get a fluid layout on mode change and also browser wont scale your page based on the change. Basically you will get the site as it is.

If you dont give the scalability false, then your site will scale like a picture.