Month: March 2018

Convert a Sitecore WFFM Form to Wizard Form (Js based Approach)

While working with Sitecore, I am sure you must have found WFFM (Web Forms For Marketers) been very useful be it a developer/marketer. However, there had been one thing that i always missed in the form - a Wizard interface especially when it comes to lengthy forms. Before i jump into the solution, here are ...

Adding custom CSS Class to Sitecore Rich Text Editor

The "Apply CSS Stylesheet" dropdown in the Sitecore RTE is quite a friendly option to Content Authors when it comes to applying complex styles/themes, without editing the HTML.  ==> To add a new value to this dropdown is relatively easy: 1. Verify the Configurations/Settings Verify if the "WebStylesheet" settings is configured properly in your web.config ...