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Some Common Html Validation errors you should keep in mind

Some common standards that i keep in mind while writing an html code: 1. Avoid using html tags inside <script>: It would be good if you avoid using html tags inside script tags on the page. <script type="text/javascript"> <!-- // This is an error! document.write("</P>"); // --> </script> As mentioned in the HTML 4 Recommendation's ...


.Net Coding Standards Part2 : Coding Practices

This post is in continuation to my previous post ".Net Coding Standards Part1 : Naming conventions and style". If you wish to go through it again, you can access it here. Here i will be taking you through some Coding practices in DotNet coding. I would request you to go through them slowly and with ...


.Net Coding Standards Part1 : Naming conventions and style

As .Net developers we tend to forget this key ingredient in our lives. Quite frequently, we end up in a coding mess. It would be good to take into account of coding standards before you start writing your first letter. It took me a lot to understand them. In no way you could learn them ...