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Microsoft.SharePoint.SPException: Schema version of backup 15.0.xxxx.xxxx does not match current schema version 15.0.yyyy.yyyy

A common error that you might face while doing site collection backups and restore is the following error: Could not deserialize site from E:\SiteCollection1.bak . Microsoft.SharePoint.SPException: Schema version of backup 15.0.4641.1000 does not match current schema version 15.0.4719.1000     at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSite.Restore(String filename, Boolean isADMode, Boolean& readOnlyMode, Boolean& hadWriteLock) Note: You can capture this error ...


What is SharePoint?

Couple of days back, i was asked to prepare a 3 minute presentation. I felt SharePoint was a great technology that i could showcase. While browsing through the net, i stumbled upon the following youtube video:   Based on this video, i came up with a PPTX presentation, which you can access from the link ...


Dialogs in SharePoint 2010 – Part 1

Most of us SharePoint developers when posed with a question of showing content in a popup, we tend to make use of window.open() and window.showModalDialog(). Many of us forget about the fact that SharePoint 2010 itself has modal dialog to perform this operation. In this part we will see how to setup a modal popup ...