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Making SSRS multiselect dropdowns searchable combobox

SSRS Multiselect dropdowns are pretty powerful. Just to add on to the power of it, i felt it would be good to add on a searchable combobox functionality. As and when the user types in a text, the dropdown filters the value and displays only the required results in the dropdown. Also to ensure that ...


SSRS Export to PDF breaking the columns in larger reports

This is a wierd problem, one could face in SSRS. The export to PDF or Word, appears to break the columns in larger reports with 10 or more columns. The main reason being the report size specifications. You can check your report properties to find the report size specifications. Check the screenshot below: Check the ...


SSRS: Making Excel the default export option for reportviewer

Most of us would always use the export to Excel in the report viewer (90% of the time), rather than having a 'Select a format' option in it.  I will be describing a simple method here to make the excel a default option for export in the report viewer. One quick note: You can go ...


Enabling SSRS remote error

There are two ways to do this: Using rs command Setting the DB properties Using the rs command: Step 1: Save the following in a text file and save it as 'EnableRemoteErrors.rss'. Public Sub Main()   Dim P As New [Property]()   P.Name = "EnableRemoteErrors"   P.Value = True   Dim Properties(0) As [Property]   ...