HTML 5: Part 1 – Getting Started

Hola Amigos!

Before i work with the elephant in the room; lemme tell you HTML 5 specs aint REC ready (Candidate Recommendation – W3C stage for stamping the spec to be ready for use). If Apple dint care waiting for 802.11g spec to stabilize for use in their products…then why should we.. 😉 ..jsssst kidding

So, first of all i recommend (estoy recomiendo) you get Chrome. You can have FF or Safari as well. bt not IE guyz not IE… Just open your browser and go to ( you will kno y… 😛

1. To start with all you need is to have a proper HTML DOCTYPE tag. HTML5 docType:

“Aah! so simple…”. Yup its simple guyz…bt therez a whole lot going in the back.. i will explain them in detail in my upcoming posts..

Worried about getting chrome & all… You know…You can also use a shim file to get HTML5 up and running in your browser.

So you jst need to add this script reference into your html and then start using html5 tags…

For those of you who want CSS Reset, you can get it here:

 They work pretty decently from what i have tried… donno if it cracks…

2. From now on you write the following codes happily… 🙂

a. No need for type..language….blah blahs..default is javascript 🙂

b. No need for type here… default is css 🙂

c. < input type=”email” > — No need for self closing tags… 🙂 also. u hav internal validations for ■search■tel■url■email■datetime■date■month■week■time■datetime-local■number■range■color

d…loads more… lets not get excited…. 😛

3. HTML5 page sections:

We had to fight with div and css to design our websites… bt now.. html5 has given us some containers that you can use efficiently..chk below


You can start using these tags instead of the traditional divs. You can see the nesting done inside the <section>.

So Guyz… Lemme wind up for now b4 my manager winds me up… i will get back with the more on html5 background, serialization, specs and then we will delve into html5 demos slowly… 🙂

Post your comments and views here… & Feel free to blast me left-right-center*.. if u find any mistakes.. 😛 [*Conditions apply]

Until nxt time…

goodbye n godspeed… 🙂

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