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Making SSRS multiselect dropdowns searchable combobox

SSRS Multiselect dropdowns are pretty powerful. Just to add on to the power of it, i felt it would be good to add on a searchable combobox functionality. As and when the user types in a text, the dropdown filters the value and displays only the required results in the dropdown. Also to ensure that ...


jQuery noConflict Tips

Some tips which i feel you need to know before using jQuery library: 1. You can use jQuery instead of $. 2. Predefined alias for jQuery: you can assign jQuery to any variable. With this you can load any versions of jQuery into your site. <!-- load jQuery 1.1.3 --> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> <script type="text/javascript" ...


Javascript Trim, Left Trim & Right Trim Functions

Javascript string property does not have the normal trim functions like we have in any other language. And these trim functions appears play a crucial role in any code based on strings. There are two approaches i give here. One is directly creating a prototype method and other as a standalone function. You can choose ...


Javascript pause method: To create delays in javascripts

Creating delays in javascript can be very essential under certain specific scenarios, though i would recommend you to avoid it in most cases. The right way to create a delay would be by using setTimeOut method in javascript, as below: setTimeout("alert('hello world')",1500); // shows alertbox after 1500 milliseconds The lazy way or to be precise ...


How to enable javascript in various browsers – help file

This is a help reference for those sites, which are javascript critical. You can use this in a page to which you redirect in your javascript disabled scenario. Microsoft Internet Explorer 1. On the Tools dropdown menu, click Internet Options, and then click the Security tab. 2. Click on the earth «Internet» icon, and then ...


Best PNG Fix for IE 6

PNG fix for IE6 has always been messier than expected. There has been lot of out of the box solutions available on the net. However, the best that worked for me was the "DD Belated PNG" fix. It is a simple PNG fix specific for IE 6. I would recommend you to load it with ...


How to disable text selection in a table

When the user drags the mouse over the rows, the row text gets selected, looking a bit awkward. Check the image below: In order to prevent the user from doing these selections and to keep the rows integrity, we can use the following options: CSS Fix -  works with all browsers except IE Controlling KeyEvents ...