Pixel by Pixel Testing

Recently one of my clients came up with a wonderful spec that really held me speechless. Each and every minute details were so crisp and clear that both the developers and testers had to do graveyard shifts. One of them was the Pixel level testing that was requested. I am sharing some of my thoughts on that there.

Tools that i would recommend:

1. Browser Developer Toolbars (IE Developer Toolbar; FireBug; Web Developer Toolbar for Safari, Chrome, Opera; Firebug for Chrome…)

2. JRuler [Download here]

3. CoolRuler [Download here]

4. MeasureIt [Download here]

As a developer, you should make use of the Developer Toolbar, especially the “Layout” section. Most of them come with inbuild rulers and color pickers as well. There are tons of other rulers and add-ons and extensions available in different browsers. Feel free to check them as well. But none of them were upto the mark as my CoolRuler. I have been using that for almost 3 years now… its pretty cool too… 🙂

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