Day: April 6, 2011


T-SQL equivalent for NEXT_DAY() of ORACLE

I thought of creating a simple function for this operation, in T-SQL. Function Name: Next_Day Input Params: @FromDate - Date from which you wish to get the next day; @DayNumber - Day of week for which you wish to get the next day (6=>Saturday, 7=>Sunday) Operation: SELECT dbo.Next_Day(GETDATE(),6) //Returns the next Saturday (6) from today Function: Function body ...


MCPM Video

Check out my video on MindTree Certified Project Manager, done on behalf of MindTree Movie Club.


How to remove the dotted outline when you click on button or anchor tag

It is quite common fact that due to paddings, we tend to blow the control to larger sizes. Say a menu item, which is a simple anchor tag, inside an ordered list; you will blow the anchor to such a level that on click of it, there appears an outline with dotted line, which looks ...


First Time Manager Video

Check out my video on a First Time manager's state of mind.


Sambhav MindShare Video

Check out my video on MindTree's venture with Sambhav Foundation.


MindTree Campus Training July 2007 Video

Check out my video on MindTree Campus Training during my batch of July 2007.